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EMCON LLC is committed to be the number one block manufacturer in the Middle East.

Emirates Concrete Products (EMCON) was established by Al Naboodah Laing in 1978 to supply concrete blocks to the construction industry in UAE and was part of group till June 2000. EMCON gradually emerged stronger and bigger supplying to more than 3000 major projects in UAE. EMCON has successfully supplied to prestigious projects such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Emirates Towers, Airport expansion and Grand Hyatt to name a few.


We aim to define quality objectives, processes and systems that are continually improved to exceed customer expectations.


To offer our customers with the best in class services along with defect free products and services that meet the dynamic needs of the customers.


To earn a reasonable return for our efforts thus allowing the Company to prosper and grow as a business to ensure continued service to our customers.

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EMCON concrete building blocks manufactures in Dubai UAE