• tensar modular concrete blocks for wall construction

    Modular Concrete Units For Proven Construction Of Walls And Bridge Abutments

    Saving up to 50% on the cost of conventional reinforced concrete structures, Tensar wall systems offer proven solutions world -wide for the construction of retaining walls and bridge abutments. Each system is based on reinforcing a soil mass with Tensar uniaxial geogrids allowing rapid and economical construction ,reducing conventional construction times, avoiding the need for specialist skills and often enabling the utilisation of site-won fill materials. The large number of facing options allows the designer to create structures which consistently match the aesthetic and economic demands of the project, whatever the location and application

    • S No Description Size
      1 SMOOTH STRAIGHT 86 Degree
      2 SMOOTH STRAIGHT 90 Degree
      3 TEXTURED 86 Degree
      4 TEXTURED 90 Degree
      5 TEXTURED 88 Degree
      6 SMOOTH CURVED 88 Degree
      7 SMOOTH CURVED 86 Degree
      8 COPING CURVED 88 Degree
      9 COPING TEXTURED 86 Degree
      10 COPING STRAIGHT 86 Degree
      11 U BLOCK
      12 BASE CURVED 88 Degree
      13 BASE STRAIGHT 86 Degree